Degrees Not Debt

The National Education Association recognizes the burden student loans debt is putting on public educators and developed a campaign called “Degrees Not Debt.”

Don’t Outsource Drivers Ed

Today in Illinois, driver education is available, affordable and safe. Let’s keep it that way.

Early Career Committee

Engage, activate, and educating members in their 1st through 10th years of teaching.

Educators Rising Illinois

Educators Rising is a career and technical student organization and grow your own program.

How to Become a Teacher in Illinois

View the steps required to teach in Illinois, plus answer some commonly asked questions about licensure.

IEA State of Education Report

The only bipartisan poll asking Illinoisans about all aspects of public schools.

IEA UniServ Intern Program

An opportunity for IEA members interested in securing a Professional Staff position an opportunity to experience UniServ Professional Staff work.

Illinois Virtual Instructional Coach and Building Mentor Program

Pairing new teachers with a trained virtual coach, a trained and certified building mentor.

Keep Learning Keep Moving

IEA campaign effort to help spread the word about the importance of keeping Illinois students active.

Mental Health & Wellness

A list of resources to assist with mental health & wellness.

The Opportunity Coalition

We are working together to reduce the impact of the opportunity gaps facing students in our communities.

Racial and Social Justice

The world is changing rapidly.  We’re approaching a time when there will be no single racial majority in the United States.  Are we ready?

RISE Micro Grants

Micro Grants of up to $1000 for locals to host events pertaining to recruitment and retention efforts.

Safe Schools for All

We need to make sure we are providing a safe working and learning environment for all of our education staff members and our students.

Stronger United

We are 135,000 strong and have a powerful voice that cannot be ignored when we stand united.

Student Learning Objective

Organize the ideas you will need to meet the requirements of the student growth portion of your Illinois Performance Evaluation.

Teacher Evaluation

Resources including: Illinois Administrative Code Part 50, PERA, PEAC, Student Learning Objective process, Classroom Assessment and more.

Trauma-Informed Practices and ACEs

Resources for Know Me, Know My Name, Paper Tigers, Partnership for Resilience, Resilience, The Movie, and Student Discipline.

President Support

Support and resources for local association presidents including the Presidents Library, Events, Webinars, Courses and more.

District Job Board

Find a job in one of 700+ IEA Affiliated School Districts in Illinois. Sort and filter by District, County or IEA Service Area.

Education Policy

Education policy is comprised of federal, state, and local laws and rules that are intended to regulate public education in the United States.

Financial Procedures for Locals & Regions

A resource for elected officials of a local or region to safeguard your organization’s assets, and use its resources for the benefit of its members.

Illinois Learning Standards

The Illinois Learning Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn.

IEA Teaching and Learning

The IEA created Teaching and Learning to assist local associations become a driving force in school transformation.

Red for Ed

A movement committed to providing students with the public schools they deserve.

Required Illinois State Assessments

This report is the list of state mandated assessments and from what entity the mandate originates.

Membership Processing

Membership forms, dues, documents, trainings and presentations.

National Education Association

The nation’s largest professional employee organization, is committed to advancing the cause of public education.

Public Leadership Forum

This Forum will be for IEA Members who are, have been or aspire to be locally elected or appointed leaders in their communities.

Retirement Resources – TRS, IMRF, SURS

Information and links to the three state retirement systems, including TRS, IMRF and SURS.

SCORE Grants

Encouraging early career members and their locals to collaborate and create opportunities for community service or school projects.

Stop Vouchers in Illinois

The Invest in Kids Act is one of the largest voucher schemes in America. It costs Illinoisans $75 million a year.

The Long Shadow

The 87 minute documentary by journalist Frances Causey investigates some roots of our current racial conflicts.

Undo Tier Two

We believe Tier 2 is a major flaw in our pension system, and it is causing many to switch careers or choose not to begin a career in education in the first place. 

Unionism & Leadership Education

Unionism and Leadership Education courses will equip you with the tools needed to build the capacity and power necessary to effectuate positive change for the common good.