• Degrees Not Debt

    The National Education Association recognizes the burden student loans debt is putting on public educators and developed a campaign called “Degrees Not Debt.”

  • Don't Outsource Drivers Ed

    Today in Illinois, driver education is available, affordable and safe. Let’s keep it that way.

  • Education Policy

    Education policy is comprised of federal, state, and local laws and rules that are intended to regulate public education in the United States.

  • Educator Certification-Licensure

    Guide to requirements for Certification, Paraprofessionals and School Service Personnel.

  • Financial Procedures for Locals & Regions

    If you are an elected official of a local or region, you have taken on a “fiduciary duty” to safeguard your organization’s assets, use its resources for the benefit of its members, keep your members informed as to the financial position and operating results of their organization, and to maintain your organization’s reputation by avoiding even the appearance of dishonesty, conflict of interest, or other unethical situations. Financial Procedures for Locals and Regions is intended to demystify this concept and to help you to perform your role without having to “reinvent the wheel”.

  • IEA Foundation

    The IEA Foundation is a charitable arm of the Illinois Education Association. Tax deductible contributions to the foundation support educators and programs that support the IEA mission.

  • IEA Interactive Video Guide

    The IEA videos categorized with descriptions in this easy click to watch PDF document.

  • IEA UniServ Intern Program

    The purpose of the IEA Internship program is to provide an opportunity for IEA members, Associate Staff, Administrative Assistants and Paraprofessionals interested in securing Professional Staff positions an opportunity to experience UniServ Professional Staff work.

  • IEA State of Education Report

    The second annual State of Education report, the only bipartisan poll asking Illinoisans about all aspects of public schools. The results show that despite changes made to make the teaching profession more attractive, including enacting the $40,000 minimum salary law, Illinoisans still give our public schools a poor grade, believe teachers are paid too little and many would not advise family members to become teachers.

  • IEA Teaching and Learning

    The Illinois Education Association created IEA Teaching and Learning to assist local associations become a driving force in school transformation.

  • Illinois Learning Standards

    These resources will assist members as Illinois begins transition into the implementation of the Illinois Learning Standards.

  • Illinois Virtual Instructional Coach and Building Mentor Program for New Teachers

    The Illinois Virtual Instructional Coach and Building Mentor Program for new teachers pairs new teachers with a trained virtual coach, a trained and certified building mentor, a virtual coaching platform and the support of other first-year teachers.

  • Required Illinois State Assessments

    A list of state mandated assessments and from what entity the mandate originates.

  • Job Links

    These links will connect you with the Regional Office of Education job sites for all counties outside of Suburban Cook County and 155 school districts in Suburban Cook County.

  • Keep Learning Keep Moving

    In an effort to help spread the word about the importance of keeping Illinois students active, IEA has launched the Keep Learning, Keep Moving campaign.

  • Legal Assistance

    The Association’s legal advice goes far ­beyond liability insurance and attorneys. Any time you have a question about your employment rights or benefits, ask the local UniServ Director. If you need legal assistance, IEA’s attorneys are the best in the state in employment-related law and school law.

  • Mental Health & Wellness

  • Mindfulness in the Classroom & Beyond

    This resource is designed for us ALL to assist in our navigation through these stressful and uncertain times. We are intentional in our effort to inspire others, share information, engage in wellness practices and provide resources for use beyond our sessions. IEA family members, Kristine Argue-Mason, Al LLorens, Rakhi Mistry and Gina Harris invite you to join the journey towards wellness.

  • National Education Association

    The National Education Association (NEA), the nation’s largest professional employee organization, is committed to advancing the cause of public education. View a list of website resources provided by NEA.

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    NEA Auto and Home Insurance Program

    With a focus on customer experience, California Casualty, the NEA Auto and Home Insurance endorsed program, provides policyholders the personalized coverage, competitive pricing and exceptional service they deserve.

  • The Opportunity Coalition

    We are faculty and staff, school and district administrators, Board of Education members, local community leaders, parents, students and university researchers working together to reduce the impact of the opportunity gaps facing students in our communities.

  • Professional Development

    The IEA Online Learning Portal is free and available to all members through IEA Members Only. You can earn clock hours on demand at your own pace. Login or create an account on IEA Members only to gain easy access to the Portal.

  • Racial and Social Justice

    Our commitment to equity and excellence in education requires the centering of cultural competence in all of our endeavors and utilizing a racial and social justice framework to support all students.

  • Reduction in Force

    The IEA has developed a series of brochures to try to help guide you through this most difficult time. Included are explanations of the RIF notice, what you’re entitled to through seniority, bumping rights, recall rights, payment of earned compensation, unemployment, health insurance, etc.

  • Retirement Resources - TRS, IMRF, SURS

  • Safe Schools for All

    Help put an end to gun violence in our schools.

  • Schools and Community Outreach by Educators (SCORE) Grants

    The purpose of SCORE is to encourage early career members and their local associations to collaborate and create opportunities for community service projects or school projects.

  • Stronger United

    We are 135,000 strong and have a powerful voice that cannot be ignored when we stand united.

  • Stronger United Micro Grants

    Our SU RRE (Stronger United Recruitment, Retention, & Engagement) Team offers Micro Grants of up to $1000 for locals to host events pertaining to recruitment and retention efforts.

  • Student Learning Objective (SLO)

    Organize the ideas you will need to meet the requirements of the student growth portion of your Illinois Performance Evaluation.

  • Teacher Evaluation

    Resources for teacher evaluation including: Illinois Administrative Code Part 50, Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA), Performance Evaluation Advisory Council (PEAC), Student Learning Objective process, Classroom Assessment and more.

  • The Workers’ Rights Amendment

    The Workers’ Rights Amendment is on the ballot this November. The Worker’s Rights Amendment ensures we have a strong voice at work and protects our “right to organize and bargain collectively” for “wages, hours, and working conditions, and to protect their economic welfare and safety at work.”

  • The Long Shadow

    The 87 minute documentary by journalist Frances Causey (“cause ee”) investigates some roots of our current racial conflicts.

  • Trauma-Informed Practices and ACEs

    Resources for Know Me, Know My Name, Paper Tigers, Partnership for Resilience, Resilience, The Movie, and Student Discipline