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Teacher Evaluation

Teacher Performance Evaluation Plan Guidance
A guidance document that addresses how to enhance student learning outcomes and the professional development of teachers in ways that are fair and effective for all stakeholders. This document includes example policy language and ideas for streamlining the evaluation process.

The Danielson Group
The Danielson Group seeks to advance the understanding and application of Charlotte Danielson’s concepts in the educational community, connect them to other areas of knowledge and enhance professional practices of educators so as to positively impact student learning.

Illinois Administrative Code Part 50
Evaluation of Educator Licensed Employees Under Articles 24A and 34 of the School Code

Center for Education Innovation Training Modules
Available on the IEA Online Learning Portal

Illinois Teacher Evaluation and Development (ITED) guidebook
The Illinois Teacher Evaluation and Development Program seeks to provide the information and support necessary so that each district will be able to design and implement a teacher evaluation system in every Illinois school district.

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