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Local Presidents – How to register your members for the One Conference

Get a significant price break for your local when you register to attend the One Conference as a team. Your local can send as many ESP members as you would like for $100 vs. $35 per attendee.

Registration is closed

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Professional Development Webinar Trainings

NEA ESP Quality Department in the Center of Great Public Schools, in collaboration with other professionals in the education workforce, have created a wide variety professional development webinar series designed to support the professional growth of Education Support Professionals (ESP).


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We are 510,000 strong and the fastest growing membership group in the Illinois Education Association and the National Education Association.

Important Information for ESPs

ESP New Member Handbook
IEA is your organization. It amplifies the voice of education employees throughout Illinois to further our mission of making sure every student has an opportunity to attend a great school. Your membership also provides you with what you need to be successful in your career and connects you with many other benefits including professional development, discounts, liability insurance and other perks.

ESP of the Year Award
This award is meant to further emphasize the contributions of Education Support Professionals to their association, their schools, and their communities.

ESP Council
The Education Support Professional Council consists of thirteen (13) people all of whom are ESP school employees and members of the Illinois Education Association.

ESP Milestones in the IEA
Significant events and accomplishments that members of our IEA-ESP Education Family have achieved.

NEA ESP Website
NEA’s 510,000 Education Support Professional (ESP) members take care of our children every day and make sure they have the tools they need to succeed in our schools and classrooms.

NEA ESP Organizing Toolkit
Ultimately we seek to build power to make change. In this toolkit, we will cover the critical elements of organizing.

Privatization/Subcontracting and The Law
In 2007, the Illinois Education Association achieved a major victory in providing job protection for all ESP employees. Read the exact text of Public Act 095-0241 introduced as House Bill 1347.

ESP Mentoring
Learn the difference between Peer Mentoring and Peer Review and is your Local Association ready for this concept.

Professional Development
Become introduced to an extraordinarily important program for Education Support Professionals. Find out about an excellent NEA Publication.

Job Evaluations Do’s & Don’ts
At some time or another, all employees are formally evaluated by their supervisors. Find out about important information as to how our members can be adequately prepared for their evaluation conference.

Latest News

Contact the IEA ESP Program

ESP Paraprofessional

Arlene Criglar
ESP Paraprofessional
Phone: (847) 428-7640
Fax: (847) 428-9607