IEA Teaching and Learning

The Illinois Education Association created IEA Teaching and Learning to assist IEA staff, members, and Local Associations in becoming a driving force in school transformation. Mary Jane Morris, Director of IEA Teaching and Learning, has built a network of resources for locals to become a meaningful part of the professional lives of their members.  Download our brochure

What IEA Teaching and Learning can do for you

IEA Teaching and Learning will work with IEA staff, leaders, and local associations to provide training and coaching on how to improve teaching and learning and how to develop strategies to improve working relationships with their districts.

Continually building your skills is just as important to building a successful career as it is to creating a successful learning environment for your students. As a state approved professional development provider, IEA offers you free, high quality professional development through the IEA Online Learning Portal. Topics include:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Technology in the Classroom
  • Learning Standards Initiative Education Policy (PARCC,PERA)
  • BetterLesson
  • And many more

IEA Online Learning Portal

IEA Professional Development Calendar

Located on the IEA website under Events, the IEA PD Calendar offers members a number of professional development opportunities.  The offerings come from a variety of resources provided by IEA or other vetted organizations.  The offerings include both online and face to face opportunities.  IEA wants to be your “Go To” sources as you plan professional development.

Professional Development Calendar

Professional Development Request

The IEA Teaching and Learning supports IEA staff, members, and local associations by providing professional development opportunities to improve teaching and learning. Please complete this form to indicate your interest in professional development for your local association, school, or district. This form should be submitted at least one month in advance to allow enough time for IEA Teaching and Learning staff to assist you in meeting your professional development goals.

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IEA Teaching and Learning will work with you to tackle challenges

IEA Teaching and Learning has developed an effective model for bringing about meaningful change that positively impacts teaching and learning. From individual professional development opportunities to empowering your local association to become a driving force in school transformation, IEA Teaching and Learning is here for you! To continually improve teaching and learning in public education, a collaborative culture among stakeholders must be present. Continual assessment that supports improvement and learning within a system is essential to focus the organization on the tasks at hand.

Early Career and Student Director
Early career members are an important part of the IEA family. This position helps to address the unique needs, desires, and issues of teachers with 10 years or less of experience. Both early career and student members become the leaders of the future and share their knowledge with active members.

The ECS Director works as an organizer, communicator, and facilitator by visiting campuses and IEA offices throughout the state to support and strengthen locals and networks with members, students and faculty, to build new locals and provide professional development.

Instructional Resource and Professional Development Director
Student achievement and growth is one of the biggest challenges faced by educators today. By organizing, networks of school districts, teachers, ESPs, administrators, and school board members can work together to develop new ways to improve student learning. This position identifies the education and implementation needs of educators and develops training programs and resources to address those needs.

To improve teaching and learning, the IRPD Director partners with IEA staff and local association members to improve professional development both face-to-face and online. With a focus on educational reform topics, this position creates opportunities for developing a train the trainer program on a variety of topics focusing on teacher effectiveness.

Contact Us:

Mary Jane Morris, IEA Teaching and Learning Director

Lindsey Jensen, Early Career and Student Director

Hanifah Ross, Instructional Resource and Professional Development Director