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Degrees Not Debt

Do you have federal student loans?
Do have federal Parent PLUS loans?
Do you have family or friends burdened with student loan debt?

If you answered, “Yes!” to any of the above then Degrees Not Debt is for you!  The National Education Association recognizes the burden student loans debt is putting on public educators and developed a campaign called “Degrees Not Debt.” This campaign is intended to inform student loan borrowers of their rights and options in the repayment process.  Many borrowers are unaware of their eligibility for programs that can make their monthly payment affordable and provide loan forgiveness.

What is Degrees Not Debt and how does it work?

Watch the video below and take our online course or in person training to learn more about how Degrees Not Debt can help. You can also share or view testimonies.

5 Steps to Kick Student Debt

The final Public Service Loan Forgiveness Application for Forgiveness has been released by the Department of Education. Complete this application after your 120 qualifying payments.

Training Calendar

Take the Online Course

Login to Members Only to access the Online Learning Portal.  The Degrees Not Debt course can be found under “Advocacy.”

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