Handbooks, Workbooks and Materials

NEA Local Treasurer’s Handbook

The NEA has recently updated its Local Treasurer’s Handbook. The manual is very lengthy and generic and because of this, sections can be confusing because they don’t necessarily relate to situations faced by the IEA’s locals. If you would like an electronic copy of the entire manual, please request it from doug.barringer@ieanea.org. Just be aware of the above.

Excerpts from the NEA Local Treasurer’s manual – These are too lengthy or detailed to be included in the IEA’s Financial Procedures manual, but they may be of interest to you.

Financial Procedures for Locals and Regions (2017-2018)
Here is the complete manual that is used as a training aid at our Financial Procedures Training workshops.

Excel Workbooks

Travel Expense Form
Here is an Excel spreadsheet that you can modify for your own local or region use. This is the form used by IEA, so you may want to delete some of the non-relevant items, change the column headings, etc. If you are familiar with Excel, you can also insert formulas so the columns will total, etc.

2014 NEA-RA Receipts Organizer
Delegates to the 2014 NEA Representative Assembly can use this organizer to properly document their expenses. Just tape your receipts to the page for the current travel day, then summarize each day’s activity at the bottom of the page and transfer the totals to the Expense/Mileage Report (last page).

Revenue and Expense Workbook

Other Materials

Budget Worksheets
Here are the budget worksheets that used to be in the “Financial Procedures” manual. Also included is the “Budget Mechanics” information, as this refers to the worksheets.

Local Filing Requirements
The following pertain to all of our locals. There may be unusual situations in which additional requirements exist. If there is any doubt, contact the IEA Director of Business Services.

Sample Audit Checklist
A local or region Audit Committee should be given a list of procedures to perform and documents to examine. This helps to ensure that their work is productive and that there is no misunderstanding as to what they are doing. Click here to see a list that is used by one of our locals. Your list could be shorter, or longer, depending on what you want your Committee to review.

Bank Reconciliation Guide
It is very important for locals and regions to reconcile all of their bank accounts every month. This is an illustration of how the process works.