Keep Learning Keep Moving

Three things you can do

Get the Facts

  • Research shows that physical activity not only prevents obesity, but it helps children perform better academically.
  • Physical education classes support healthy minds and bodies and enhance academic performance. Studies show PE contributes to improved academic performance, higher concentration levels, time on task, improved memory, coping skills and behavior.
  • And, physical education provides an opportunity for students to develop socially.
  • In Illinois, in the summer of 2017, lawmakers voted to allow schools to cut back PE classes. Now, districts can  cut PE back to three days per week from five, and allow student athletes to opt out of PE class in grades 7-12.

Spread the Word

  • Send a letter to the editor
  • Watch and share the commercial
  • Talking points:
    • Daily PE should have a place in the curriculum of every school that’s serious about teaching its students.
    • Physical exercise has health benefits, cutting down on obesity, building heart strength and strengthening muscles.
    • And, movement helps build brain function – pumping oxygen to the brain boosts learning, memory, concentration coping skills and behavior.