Reduction In Force Brochures

The continuing news of pending layoffs in the state’s school districts requires the utmost vigilance on the part of all of us. If a Reduction In Force (RIF) is pending in your district and you may be affected, make sure you know your rights.  For more information contact your Local IEA Office.

ESP Reduction in Force Handbook
Illinois law grants certain rights to Educational Support Personnel (“ESP”), including positions such as bus drivers, custodians, maintenance employees, cafeteria workers, clerical workers, secretaries, teacher assistants and professionally-licensed positions such as physical and occupational therapists, registered nurses, etc., who are dismissed as a result of a decision by the school district to eliminate ESPs or discontinue a particular educational service.

Higher Education Reduction in Force Handbook
Over 20 years ago, Illinois law was amended with the support of the Illinois Education Association to give some protections to faculty members of Community College Districts when there is a reduction in teaching staff. It is important that the faculty members understand their rights if their Community College Board is contemplating reductions or if they themselves become a victim of an honorable dismissal (or “RIF”).

Teacher Reduction in Force Handbook
The Illinois School Code establishes the procedures to be followed and the protections given to tenure teachers when a school district reduces staff due to financial exigency or declining enrollment. It is extremely important that teachers understand their rights if their district is contemplating reductions or they themselves become a victim of an honorable dismissal (or RIF).