Legislative & Political Action

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    IEA Votes

    Voting for public education means voting for candidates who will support our students, our public schools and our union.

  • IEA Voter Guide

    Find IEA Recommended candidates in your district.

  • School Board Election Toolkit

  • IPACE Recommended Candidates - 2022 General Election

  • GR Data Request Form

  • Legislator Lookup

  • Legislative Platform

    The IEA Legislative Platform provides guidance on how to address education policy and those issues facing our students and educators, including school funding, collective bargaining, educational opportunities, employee rights and more.

  • Legislative Initiatives Input Form

    Give input to the legislative initiatives of the IEA Government Relations department.

  • Legislative Updates

    Updates that provide background and information on issues moving through the Illinois General Assembly and Congress that impact you and the tools you need to educate your local members and lobby your legislators.

  • Capitol Bill Watch

    Find links to detailed information about the status of current education-related bills in the Legislature.

  • Fact Sheets

    Fact Sheets are designed to help our members understand a specific bill, issue or initiative.

  • Ten Golden Rules of Lobbying

    You are the expert on how legislation will affect your students and your school. Read the Ten Golden Rules of Lobbying.

  • Grassroots Political Activists (GPA) Program

    The mission of the GPA Program is to increase grassroots activity in policy advocacy and political action. This is a statewide program that is governed by IPACE and executed at the region level.


    The Illinois Political Action Committee for Education exists to elect individuals to the Illinois General Assembly, statewide offices, and local school boards who will make a difference for quality education.

  • Pension Resources

    IEA’s position, talking points, and what you need to know about your pension system.

  • Illinois General Assembly

    The Illinois General Assembly is the state legislature of Illinois and comprises the Illinois House of Representatives and the Illinois Senate.

  • United States Congress

    Congress.gov provides access to accurate, timely, and complete legislative information for Members of Congress, legislative agencies, and the public.