Financial Procedures for Locals & Regions

Financial Presentations at SLA
The Secretary-Treasurer Support Committee presented six educational sessions at the 2015 Summer Leadership Academy. These were all well-received and we hope to do something similar in 2016. This page contains links to the presentation materials for these sessions. If you have questions about anything contained in the presentations, there is contact information listed along with each topic.

Beta Test Version of New Dues Verification Spreadsheet for Small Locals
All locals need to make sure that the dues that they are receiving from their employer are correct. The is a TEST VERSION of a simple spreadsheet that smaller locals can use for this purpose. Try it out! And send suggestions for improvements to

Attention New Local Treasurers
Congratulations! You have taken on a very important job. Download this list of important steps to help with the learning curve.

What Sort of Audit Does My Local Need?
The IEA recommends that most locals have some sort of an annual audit. This is a brief discussion of some of the factors that you might want to consider in determining which type of audit is appropriate for your situation.

Budget Template Spreadsheet
This spreadsheet can be used to compile the annual budget for your local association. There are tabs at the bottom for “Simple” and “Complex” locals; choose the one that best fits your needs. Both are customizable to some extent, but please read the notes about making format changes to the spreadsheet. If you have questions, contact the IEA Director of Business Services.

Handbooks, Workbooks and Materials
Handbooks, Excel workbooks,  and other materials

Membership Processing
Membership Processing forms, guides, calendar, categories, and assignments.

Training Videos
Budget, Treasurer, Financial Procedure, and Membership Processing  Videos. Please note that the PowerPoints have not been updated to reflect new developments.

Financial Procedures & Membership Processing Trainings
The IEA schedules periodic training sessions for local leaders on financial procedures and membership processing. Check here for a current list of dates.

Website Survey Response
Summary of your responses to the May, 2013 survey of local Treasurers.

IEA Audits of Locals
The IEA Business Services Department is occasionally asked to provide audit services to locals and regions. Audits are performed by the IEA Director of Business Services, subject to the parameters and limitations discussed within this document.

10 “Don’ts” for Local and Region Treasurers
A responder to our recent survey asked for a list of “Don’ts.” Here it is!

Financial Procedures Frequently Asked Questions
Financial procedure frequently asked question and answers

IRS and ISBE Forms and Publication
Here are links to several commonly-used forms and publications from the IRS and ISBE websites.

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, Director of Business Services 1-800-252-8076 x2203
Dawn Hall
, Membership Processing Supervisor 1-800-252-8076 x2221
Don Jordan
, Jamie Gragg, Christine Moore, Nicole GerberdingChristina Williams, Membership Processing 1-800-252-8076