Public Leadership Forum - IEA

We are excited to announce the launch of the IEA Public Leadership Forum! This Forum will be for IEA Members who are, have been or aspire to be locally elected or appointed leaders in their communities. In other words, YOU!


The purpose of the IEA Public Leadership Forum is to convene spaces for IEA members with an interest in public leadership and provide support throughout their tenure. Examples of public leadership include serving on a local Board of Education, Board of Trustees, city council, Park District Board of Commissioners or Board of Library trustees. Public leadership roles can be elected by voters or appointed by a leader.


The project will connect member leaders with each other and the resources of the IEA, both in virtual and live spaces, but also with the creation of a Public Leadership Forum, allowing participants to reach out and build connections with others with whom they might share interests, leadership roles, local geographies or other affinities. The forum will support member questions regarding:

  • Research based policy implementation
  • Political coalition building
  • Election/re-election campaign resources


Promotions and recruitment will take place throughout the spring of 2024, with our first virtual brainstorming convening in June of 2024. At this initial brainstorming session, we will solicit feedback on a calendar of events for the 2024-25 school year, to include both a virtual July 2024 kick off and an in-person convening in November