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Student Learning Objective – SLO

The purpose of the IEA SLO Interactive Template is to help you, as an educator, organize the ideas you will need to meet the requirements of the student growth portion of your Illinois Performance Evaluation. The SLO Interactive Template project was funded through a grant from the National Education Association (NEA). The IEA SLO Interactive Template is the result of a cooperative process involving active practitioners (50 Illinois National Board Certified Teachers and award winning IEA members from across the State) and Illinois Stakeholders including the Illinois State Board of Education, Center for Assessment Education, Analytics and others who work in the area of student growth assessment.

The IEA SLO Interactive Template does not replace meeting with your evaluator to determine the elements you will use to measure student growth, but it does provide a step-by-step process for organizing those elements and saving them both as an electronic file and a paper copy.

The IEA SLO Interactive Template does not provide choices for assessments. Your district PERA joint committee must provide criteria and guidelines, or must make decisions on which assessments you will use and/or develop. Please contact your district PERA joint committee for further guidance.

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