Membership Processing

Results Summary: Membership Processing Best Practices
215 of the IEA’s local membership contacts provided us with insights into how they perform ten important job functions.

Membership Dues Categories 2017-2018
Codes, dollar amounts and descriptions of all membership categories

Prorated Dues Tables 2017-2018
IEA-NEA dues must be forwarded to Springfield by our local associations according to a specific schedule. If the schedule is not followed, the IEA has problems with its cashflow and the local associations may be assessed penalties and have trouble getting their delegates seated at the IEA’s annual Representative Assembly.

Membership Processing Guide 2017-2018
This is the training manual that is used at our Membership training workshops. It contains a wealth of detailed information about how membership data is collected and processed, as well as how the membership dues transmittal process works.

IEA-NEA Output Request
Request mailing labels and rosters for your local association

Local Membership Contact Responsibilities
A list of activities and time frames that the membership contact for the local association is responsible for.

Membership Processing Regional Office Assignments
View the IEA membership processing staff assigned to your region.

Membership Transmittal Form
This form is required when continuous member rosters, blank enrollment and transfer forms are verified, updated, and/or completed; they should be forwarded to IEA-NEA for processing with this form.

Student Rebate Form 2016-2017
Rebates will be issued for $20 for each year of NEA Student membership up to four years.

IEA-NEA New Fair Share Fee Payers List
Use this form to submit new fee payers for your local. It is not necessary to complete this form for fee payers that currently appear on your roster.

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