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NEA Academy
The National Education Association’s Web site devoted to meeting the professional needs of teachers and education support professionals.

Classroom and school-related tips from the real education experts: your colleagues!

Lesson Plans
Hundreds of Lessons for All Grades and Subjects

Classroom Management
Practices and procedures that allow teachers to teach and students to learn.

Teacher Evaluation
Resources for teacher evaluation including: Illinois Administrative Code Part 50,  Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA),  Performance Evaluation Advisory Council (PEAC), Student Learning Objective process, Classroom Assessment and more.

Response to Intervention
Response to Intervention (RtI) is an “every ed” initiative that brings regular and special educators together to meet the common challenge of providing quality education to all students

Highly Qualified
A teacher’s qualifications do not make him or her Highly Qualified with respect to his or her areas of assignment. Download the Highly Qualified work sheet to see if you are Highly Qualified.

Educator Certification Licensure
Illinois has a comprehensive teacher certification process for new and veteran teachers. You can find information about the latest state and federal requirements for becoming a teacher and for maintaining a certificate to work in Illinois’ public schools.

NEA Educators Employment Liability Insurance (EEL)
The NEA Educators Employment Liability Insurance (EEL) Program is a professional liability insurance program that is provided by NEA as a benefit of membership and is underwritten and administered by AIG Insurance.

Living Library
The Living Library is a community of online file cabinets created by IEA retired and active mentors and used to support the ongoing mentoring of future and new teachers (mentees). Download the brochure or visit the site.

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