Grassroots Political Activists Program

What does GPA stand for?
Grassroots Policy Advocate/Grassroots Political Activist

What is the mission of the GPA Program?
The purpose of the GPA program is to educate, organize and recruit member activists to accomplish the goals of IEA-IPACE through grassroots political action and policy advocacy efforts.

What skills are required for a good GPA?
This is an organizing position. GPAs should have a positive attitude about the Association and believe in the importance of getting involved in policy advocacy and political action. GPAs should be organized, outgoing, friendly and have strong communication skills.

What are the goals of the GPA Program?
An important goal of the program is to organize members to be part of a Go-Team to build our capacity in political action and policy advocacy. The IPACE Committee developed goals for the program and has provided a list of expectations GPAs must meet. Please see the GPA Expectations document for more details.

What is a GPA GO–Team?

GO stands for Grassroots Organizers. This is the team that GPAs are asked to recruit to help build grassroots activity in your region. Building teams increase our number of activists and helps us reach our mission of increasing grassroots activity in policy advocacy and political action. GPAs should target their recruitment efforts toward members with 15 years or less experience and try to reach a minimum goal of 10 team members.

Who helps the GPA accomplish the goals of the program?
Region Chairs, UniServ Directors and lobbyists partner with GPAs to execute this work at the region level.

Are GPAs provided training?
Yes, GPAs are offered three trainings per year focusing on organizing, political action, and legislative issues and lobbying.

Does a GPA’s personal political party affiliation matter?
No, but GPAs are expected to advocate for IEA’s Education Party, promoting bipartisan support. Once an organizational position is taken, active support for this policy or political position is expected.

Miscellaneous GPA items:

  • GPAs are paid a stipend of $1000 (in two pay periods – $500 each).
  • GPAs are allowed an expense account of $900 to execute GPA
  • GPAs must be IEA members and IPACE
  • GPAs serve a two-year term and can serve a maximum of three
  • Region chairs cannot serve as GPAs