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    Higher Ed Program Educator of the Year Award

    This award recognizes an active higher education member who has shown outstanding accomplishments while promoting the association, publishing research, participating in community organizing or taking other actions that go above and beyond.
    Deadline: Dec. 15, 2021.

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    About Higher Education

    The Illinois higher education system consists of nine public universities on 12 campuses, 48 community colleges, 98 independent not-for-profit colleges and universities, and 29 independent for-profit ­institutions.

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    The struggles in higher education mirror those of PreK-12 IEA members with regard to increasing benefits and salary and having a voice in decisions that impact members.

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    Stand UP for Higher Education

    Because of the funding crisis in Illinois, most of the state universities and colleges are struggling financially. We have worked with the Fund Our Future coalition on the MAP grant postcard campaign and have participated in other actions. But as the crisis has lingered, we determined that we needed to somehow harness the power of the IEA’s some 135,000 members to pressure legislators to fully fund higher education.

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    Organizing & Support

    Higher Education activities within the IEA include both organizing higher education locals and providing support to existing locals and membership. Higher education members include four-year faculty members, two-year faculty members, academic professionals, part-time faculty members, civil service employees and ESP’s.

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    IEA Higher Education Council

    View the list of IEA Higher Education Council members and their terms. The council is ready to answer your questions or give you assistance.

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    Higher Education Council Bylaws

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    NEA Higher Education

    Provides organizing/development assistance to the states through the NEA regional offices, works with higher education governance, develops training packages, and does coalition work with other associations and unions.

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    National Council for Higher Education

    NCHE is an independent organization for all higher education members of the National Education Association.

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Frank Brooks
Higher Education Paraprofessional
Phone: (312) 948-8226