The Illinois Political Action Committee for Education exists to elect individuals to the Illinois General Assembly, statewide offices, and local school boards who will make a difference for quality education.

Local IPACE Rebates
Local IPACE funds are to be used for local campaign expenses, local election activities, school bond/tax referenda and related expenses, and as direct contributions to recommended candidates for local elections. See the links below for more information on your local IPACE rebates.

School Board Election and Campaign Handbook
Many local associations around the state face the daunting task of passing much needed referenda and/or electing Education First school board candidates. Get help with the IEA “how to” manual “A School Board Election and Campaign Handbook.” While the manual is a primer for winning school board elections, it also contains vital campaign information that will help you win your local referendum.

Local Campaign Disclosure Reporting Guide
Any local IPACE unit that collects or disburses $5,000 or more in any 12-month period must file and comply with state disclosure laws. Federal legislation, signed into law on July 1, 2000, imposes new registration and reporting requirements for political action committees with annual gross receipts exceeding $25,000. The latest campaign disclosure information is available from the Illinois State Board of Elections or from your county clerk. You may also wish to follow these links for D-1 and D-2reports. If you have any questions please feel free to contact an IPACE member or consultant.