We are faculty and staff, school and district administrators, Board of Education members, local community leaders, parents, students and university researchers working together to reduce the impact of the opportunity gaps facing students in our communities.  Through our network of allies and supporters we can offer you financial and technical support to begin equity and resilience related organizing in your own community.  We are generously supported by the National Education Association and the Illinois Education Association. Please contact us for more information.


Cross Sector Partnerships

Cross Sector Partnerships are necessary to achieve systemic change. Our goal is to build equitable associations, schools and communities.  Current coalitions have created partnerships with school and district leaders, local mental health boards, parks and recreation districts, libraries, parent groups, police departments, faith groups, leading universities and elected leaders to achieve systemic change.  We can help you to do the same.


Leaders for Just Schools

The National Education Association, in partnership with the Kellogg Foundation, has developed a cutting edge leadership development program for those interested in racial, social and educational justice.  The IEA and the Opportunity Coalition were pleased to support three pilot cohorts this past year, and are offering four new hybrid (virtual and in-person activities when possible) cohorts this next school. Members who successfully complete the program will receive a micro credential and the opportunity to earn an organizing stipend.  Instructors are state and local leaders, award winning educators and experienced community organizers who will help you build momentum for change in your local schools and communities.

COVID 19 Response

COVID-19 has laid bare the stark inequities within our society.  Opportunity Coalition members throughout the state have responded with creativity and courage to the pandemic.  Organizers have supported educator and community wellness programs, equity in remote learning conversations and food distribution efforts.  The Belvidere Opportunity Coalition organized donations for a food relief project which raised over $10,000 within a matter of days.  The video to your right highlights some brave Opportunity Coalition member volunteers responding to the basic needs of their students and their communities.