2016-2017 SCORE Projects

IEA SCORE Projects 2016-2017

Below is a list of SCORE grants by category for the 2016-2017 program. You can view the archived list here 2015-20162014-2015 | 2013-2014.

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Batavia Education Association-A self-contained program for students with emotional/behavioral disabilities and autism created homemade blankets for children in need through Project Linus.

Brownstown Education Association-Happy Minds, Happy Feet program where educators purchase shoes and socks to give to the students in their schools who need them at elementary school level.

Carol Stream Education Association-The local association partnered with the district to raise funds for the Humanitarian Service Project where members who haven’t been involved before have an entry point into association work by creating “Party-In-A-Bag” to provide each of the district’s 900 low-income kids the means for a birthday celebration.

Clinton Education Association-Helped start the Clinton Elementary School and Clinton Police Department Friendship Program where kids do five nice acts a year for police officers and police officers spend quality time with the students.

Community Unit Two Education Association-Helped fund a senior citizen prom at Robinson High School that the school’s advisory classes helped create.

Decatur Education Association-Students at William Harris Elementary research local organizations, present on them, the student body votes for one to help support and the students then create a promotion movie for the organization and shop (understanding the economics) for items the organization needs to help other people.

Glenbard Education Association-Life skills class would work at the local library  to expand the library’s books and to help with the stickering/shelving/etc. of those books as well as reading and reviewing the books and hosting community book talks to raise awareness of literature.

Greenville Education Association-Created the Comet Closet to provide necessary clothing, shoes, personal hygiene items, schools supplies and food items for Greenville High School students.

Greenville Education Association-Helped fund a trip by the Mobile Food Pantry to rural Bond County.

Greenville Educational Support Association-Paired the local association with Bond County Foster Hope to provide Christmas presents for kids in foster families.

Kildeer Education Association-Funded a service learning project for a group of first and second generation Latino students to develop community service skills through visits to a food bank and work on hunger projects and other actions.

Kirby Education Association-Help a student who had a liver transplant pay back the Ronald McDonald House for all the love her family received by starting a class fundraising project where students made duct tape pencils and sold them and the money was donated.

LeRoy Education Association-Helped students at LeRoy High School with their WW II Era Hangar Dance that raises money for a local veteran’s charity.

LeRoy Education Association-Provided funding for a fall festival day for students with anxiety and physical disabilities by partnering with the Chamber of Commerce.

Maywood Education Association-Using restorative justice practice curriculum, students from the community created dialogue about race and racism in Oak Park, Maywood and Hillside schools with police, community business owners and educators; to create steps and ideas for creating more community across the three towns.

Maywood Education Association-Program links at-risk male students with local police officers to build relationships and bond inside the school with a lunch program and outside the school at a local sporting event.

New Holland – Middletown Education Association-Helped fund a Christmas present program with the Community Supports Education group in the community.

Norris City-Omaha-Enfield Education Association-Helped start a recycling program in the school that pairs it with a not-for-profit for people with disabilities that does the recycling.

Schiller Park Education Association-Paired 100 arts and drama students at George Washington Elementary with the park district of Franklin Park and a local high school to show arts can span a lifetime.

Springfield Education Association-Create 40 comfort packages for babies and families in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Springfield Education Association-Provide swimsuits, goggles and bridge books to 22 needy, at-risk kids being helped by the Matthew Project so they can attend summer camp at the YMCA.

Springfield Education Association-Helped fund a mentoring program at The Outlook, to support fatherless young males, ages 12-22, in the Springfield area

Sycamore Education Foundation-Helped start the Empty Bowls Project where students discuss what hunger looks like during art class and art club, develop bowls that are sold at an Empty Bowls event at the school and the money raised is then used to donate to the hungry.

Unit Five Education Association-Paired Evans Junior High students with the neonatal intensive care unit at the Peoria hospital wherein students made burp rags for babies and professionals from the NICU came and did career days for the students.

Wheaton Warrenville Education Association-Paired Franklin Middle School art students with a local memory center for senior citizens where students learned interview techniques to heighten their intergenerational communication skills to interview seniors and create portraits of them.

Yorkville Education Association-Expanded a driver’s education learning program called “Operation Safety” to other schools. The program allows students to partner with police to watch for traffic violations and give “tickets” to them for what the students spot as well as to develop a driving course.

Arbor Park Education Association-Helped fund the Homework Help program for students with limited means to stay after school and get homework help, school supplies and nutritious snacks.

Charleston Education Association-Helped fund the Food 4 Kids backpack program to 175 students in three Charleston Elementary Schools.

Clinton Education Association-Started a program at Clinton Elementary School where students with free and reduced lunch would take home books on the last day of school to read, reread, cherish and keep.

College of DuPage Adjuncts Association-Gave money to educator to help local library buy Spanish children’s books to an economically disadvantaged area in Hanover Park to provide a remote location in the heart of the Hispanic community.

Decatur Education Association-Students at Durfee Technology Magnet School told teachers there were “real world situations” they wanted to be trained on during Get Real Fridays such as talking on the phone, speaking to a police officer, managing time, making change and the grant helped fund guest speakers and field trips to help them learn life skills.

Elementary Teacher Association of West Chicago-Provided money to start a Little Free Library program in West Chicago to help provide books to low-income children.

Maywood Education Association-Started the Carnival Club providing afterschool activities that combine art and athletics.

Southeastern Special Education Association-Helped start a program for students with emotional disabilities to broaden their horizons about what kinds of jobs they might do in adulthood by going on field trips and inviting speakers into the classroom.

Unit Five Education Association-Helped start a self-regulation curriculum that includes mindfulness and yoga to help children with stunted emotional, social and behavioral development be able to calm themselves in stressful situations.

Wheaton Warrenville Education Association-Start-up money for the “Weird, wonderful Science — books open the universe” program where 40 struggling readers, many from low socio-economic backgrounds or who are English learners, are given books to read, discuss and report on to maintain reading levels. Volunteer educators come to help teach and plan activities and they will go to Adler Planetarium.

Aurora Education Association West-Funded a family workshop program where the teachers engage the family by including them in field trip opportunities.

Darien Education Association-Started a Family Game Night at Lace Elementary School to build relationships between students’ families and the school.

District 102 LaGrange North Education Association-Funded a game night for families and community members in which any profits collected would begin a local foundation ran by the educators to benefit students and families

Grundy County Education Association-Helped fund an annual activity night where parents of children with special needs can come and learn about the all of the activities available to them in the community for their children as well as open the gym to share other activities for them and their children.

St. Jacob – Triad Education Association-Provided funding for an after school health and fitness family night where community members and organizations came to C.A. Henning Elementary to work with families to teach about nutrition, fix healthy snacks and recipes and participate in family-friendly physical activity.

Benjamin Education Association-Helped Benjamin Middle School partner with the Rotary Club of Carol Stream to create a jazz band program and perform at various civic events.

Glenview Education Association-Helped provide musical instruments to a program at Pleasant Ridge School that pairs special education students with mainstream students to create music together.

Lexington Education Association-Helped students restore signage along historic Route 66 to increase tourism and support of local businesses in Lexington.

Black Hawk Area SEJA #865-Helped a special education teacher do ecology projects at local parks where they cleared trails, planted trees and flowers, etc.

DACC Faculty Association-Provided money to till a six-acre plot of land that’s being used to grow food to feed students and community members in need.

Gifford Education Association-Helped the Gifford Grade School build an outdoor classroom for all the district so the students could have real life, project-based learning opportunities.

Rockford Education Association-Provided money to renovate the school’s outdoor courtyard which was destroyed during a construction project.

St. Anne High School Education Association-Began a recycling program at St. Anne Community High School.

Westmont Teachers Association-Introduced a beehive colony to high school students to teach them how to raise bees, harvest the products bees produce and to package bee products.

Dixon Education Association-Funded Science Days, a program of science-based family experiments for preschoolers and their families.

Unit Five Education Association-Funded the Girls Who Code Club at Normal West where high school students built small stations to take to the grade schools to teach girls about programming by using robots.