Privatization/Subcontracting and the Law

One of the greatest issues facing ESPs today is privatization. A wide variety of companies and corporations are attempting to take over virtually all of the work traditionally performed by school district employees, from teaching to providing student transportation to cooking meals to cleaning and maintaining school buildings and grounds, and more. We are strongly opposed to privatization because of the threat it poses to the quality of education, the accountability of public schools to the communities they serve and to the well being of children in school.

HB 1347 – Public Act 095-0241

In 2007, the Illinois Education Association achieved a major victory in providing job protection for all ESP employees. This major achievement will make the subcontracting of ESP employees much more difficult for school district employers. Following is the exact text of Public Act 095-0241 introduced as House Bill 1347. Copy this text and review this information with your IEA UniServ Director at an Executive Board meeting of your Association. MAKE IT A PRIORITY TO KNOW THIS LAW.

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