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Are you safe at work?

New tool helps IEA members track, report COVID-19 cases, share stories

IEA members can now document cases of COVID-19 or report safety issues at

The tool allows educators to:

  • Search for known outbreaks at their workplaces;
  • Report on safety conditions;
  • Document COVID-19 cases in their worksites;
  • Share the experience of working in public education during the pandemic.

The is another in a series of steps the IEA has taken to keep its members, Illinois students and families safe during this pandemic. Others include releasing guidance on reopening schools, calling on the Illinois Department of Public Health to enforce clear metrics for schools to guide them for any future closures, empaneling a group of pediatricians to review school reopening plans to determine whether they were safe, among other measures. The is designed to track IDPH outbreaks at schools and colleges and crowdsource problems that may not have been reported around the state. This information can be utilized by unions and by communities as they work to ensure safe working and learning conditions.