You have a voice

The most important part of being a member of an association like the Illinois Education Association is the ability to have one’s voice heard on a variety of issues that affect the working conditions of school employees and learning environments of students.

In your district

IEA helps school employees negotiate contracts that provide good working conditions and healthy learning environment for students. And, you are also entitled to legal representation should the need arise. Your dues dollars can also be used to influence local school board races.

Across the state

IEA has a healthy and proactive voice in the state legislature. Lobbying efforts concentrate on the well being of educators and students.  In addition, you can through the IEA Representative Assembly and IPACE have a voice in the direction the organization moves as a whole.

At the national level

The National Education Association provides members with a voice on  matters that affect education across the country.  Members from every state are elected each year to attend the NEA Representative Assembly to guide the national organization, as well.