Why belong to the Illinois Education Association?

The IEA is YOU and your colleagues who have combined efforts and resources to create your own organization, an association or union of professionals who care about the schools and the environments in which children and students learn.

The association provides an array of programs and services designed to enhance the teaching profession and make sure that education professionals always have an effective voice in the decisions that affect their lives and their schools.

Leadership training for new and experienced educators
The IEA-NEA is a great place to develop and practice leadership skills. The association regularly sponsors leadership training programs and an Emerging Leaders School at its annual Summer Leadership Academy.

Professional development opportunities
The IEA supports members at the local, regional, state, and national levels by providing classroom resources, information, and specific trainings. IEA leaders and staff regularly partner with the Consortium for Educational Change, the Danielson Group, Illinois State Board of Education, Living Library, Student Achievement Partners, Center for Teaching Quality and many others. These partnerships have produced online courses, face-to-face trainings and retreats so that you may network and learn in a variety of ways. You can view our new Professional Development Calendar that provides details of online or face to face professional development being offered in Illinois either by IEA or vetted by IEA.Through the NEA Academy, teachers have access to hundreds of high quality web-based educational classes and opportunities, all offered for the purpose of improving your educational experience and practice. These programs can be especially important for non-tenured teachers. Graduate credit and continuing education credits are available.

Liability insurance protection
If you are sued for actions within the scope of your employment, the IEA liability insurance program protects you with up to $1 million in liability insurance coverage. This valuable protection is provided as a part of membership at no additional cost.  Download your NEA EEL Certificate of Insurance.

Advocacy services through collective bargaining
Educators have a legal right to advocate for their interests through collective bargaining. IEA’s local associations and staff are working hard through negotiations to raise wages, increase benefits, provide job security and improve working conditions for all employees.

IEA staff representation in employment matters
IEA members know they have a legal right to representation if ever involved in an employment dispute. IEA local representatives and staff are available as needed to make sure you are treated fairly. If legal representation from an attorney is required, the IEA employs the very best in protecting your rights.

Legislative and political representation
IEA members and staff work diligently in the Illinois General Assembly to pass and enforce laws that support quality education and educators. Through its political action committee, the association also works to elect friends of education who support quality schools.

Publications and communications
Members of the association receive several publications through the year designed to inform about important education matters. Articles and links to information are also provided through top-notch websites.