Pictured left to right: Lynda Miles, teacher; Carol DeMicheal, school board; Dr. Jackie Kelly-McHale, school board; Tom Martelli, school board president; John Mirecki, school board; Julia Mikulich, superintendent; Chuck Augustyniak, school board; and Cassie Gregerson, teacher and SCORE grant recipient. 

The Kirby Education Association, students, and sponsoring teachers Cassie Gregerson and Lynda Miles utilized their $1,000 SCORE grant in support of children and families at a local Ronald McDonald House (RMH).  The grant funded school supplies District #140 children used to make “duct tape, flower top” pens which were sold during lunch periods.  Educators used the opportunity to teach students about product creation, supply and demand, and other business practices.  The $278 in sales proceeds were then donated to the RMH.

In addition, teachers and students filled the RMH pantry with a variety of foods for families to take to their rooms. They also utilized grant funds to purchase baking supplies and used them to make cookies and treats for families staying at the RMH.  Other grant funds were used to purchase toiletries for the rooms and craft supplies for the art room.

In total, some 35 students were involved in the support project, soon starting their own RMH Club.  The effort to support the RMH had been inspired in part by a District #140 student and family that utilized the facility last year.

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