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The My IEA app is a free download, available for the iPhone from Apple’s app store and from Google Play for Android users. Click on the App Store for your device or search the App Store from your phone for “My IEA”.

Download on the App Store Download on Google Play

Maximize your IEA RA experience with the Hangout on the My IEA app.

Let’s say you just had an epiphany during a Professional Development session, and you want to share it with other delegates.  The My IEA app has a feature that lets you upload pictures and post short messages, “like” other post and comment on what other delegates are doing!

  • Open the My IEA app
  • Select “Hangout” from the menu
  • Tap “Status”
  • Tap “Sign Up,” sign up using Facebook or Twitter
  • Then add your quips, quotes, or pictures to the conversation!

The latest version of the MyIEA app takes you right to the IEARA 2017 home page. To get to the Hangout you will need to tap the menu icon at the top left of the screen and then tap “Hangout.” There’s also quick links to both IEA Connect and a QR-code scanner on the menu page.

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