Your Voter Guide


In this election there are BIG differences in the candidates and their views on education.

Each one has been carefully surveyed, screened and interviewed by association members and leaders. Each one has received the IEA recommendation after full and careful consideration of the issues, the candidate’s stances and her/his electability. Local, state and national legislation has an effect in every school district in our state and nation. It is imperative that we elect the right people to public office.


Go to to access information on candidates in your area or download a list of IEA Recommended Candidates.  IEA members can access a complete list of state and federal candidates on Members Only.

“Every minute we spend in the classroom, everything we teach, every test we give, every curriculum item we get from our districts, every cent we earn, every minute we spend in a school is a direct result of politics.” – IEA President Cinda Klickna