Your Member Benefits

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  • AT&T Wireless Discount

    IEA Members can saving up to 15% on the monthly service charge of qualified wireless plans.

  • Awards

    IEA offers several awards throughout the year to honor its members. Including the Bob Haisman Teacher and Student of the Year Award, Mary Lou and Keith Hauge Retiree Award, ESP of The Year Award, Friend of Education Award, NEA Foundation Awards for Teaching Excellence and the Reg Weaver Human and Civil Rights Award.

  • Benefits Booklet & Fliers - IEA My Voice

    IEA is your organization. It amplifies the voice of education employees throughout Illinois to further our mission of making sure every student has an opportunity to attend a great school. Your membership also provides you with what you need to be successful in your career and connects you with many other benefits including professional development, discounts, liability insurance and other perks.

  • Custom Guide Computer Training

    Why watch videos when you can get innovative hands on training? No one becomes a pro just by watching. CustomGuide’s online learning features the industry’s best application simulation and user interaction. Users don’t just watch videos, they click and type their way through the self-directed, self-paced lessons, gaining experience by doing.

  • Discounts & Deals

    The Access Saver is a group discount program especially for IEA members. Use your membership card for discounts at more than 100,000 locations, saving you up to 50 percent on purchases you make every day. Be sure to check back frequently, as merchants are frequently added to the program.

  • Legal Assistance

    The Association’s legal advice goes far ­beyond liability insurance and attorneys. Any time you have a question about your employment rights or benefits, ask the local UniServ Director. If you need legal assistance, IEA’s attorneys are the best in the state in employment-related law and school law.

  • Membership Card

    Get your digital IEA Membership card for your mobile device. This is more than just a membership card, the back of the card contains IEA Connect contact information. So you are always a tap away from talking or chatting with an IEA Staff member.

  • My IEA App

    Stay in touch with the IEA!  The My IEA app is a free download, available for the iPhone from Apple’s app store and from Google Play for Android users.

  • NEA Educators Employment Liability Insurance

    The NEA Educators Employment Liability Insurance (EEL) Program is a professional liability insurance program that is provided by NEA as a benefit of membership and is underwritten and administered by AIG Insurance.

  • NEA Member Benefits

    Tips on saving money, access to tools and exclusive discounts – not to mention a community of fellow public school teachers and public school employees to support you in your personal and professional life.

  • Professional Development

    The IEA Online Learning Portal is free and available to all members through IEA Members Only. You can earn clock hours on demand at your own pace.  Login or create an account on IEA Members only to gain easy access to the Portal.

  • Professional Development Opportunities Calendar

    View a list of professionals development opportunities.

  • Promotional Items

    The IEA promotional items are back, featuring your old favorites, new items and a new way to order!

  • Student Learning Objective (SLO)

    Organize the ideas you will need to meet the requirements of the student growth portion of your Illinois Performance Evaluation.