About IEA Aspiring Educators

IEA Aspiring Educators is a preprofessional organization of undergraduate and graduate students preparing for careers in education. Aspiring Educator members are also part of the National Education Association, a network of state associations that has over two million members and is a major force in shaping the nation’s education agenda.  Over 40 campuses in the state have local Aspiring Educator Programs. Students throughout the state on university and college campuses are able to take advantage of the many opportunities afforded them through IEA Aspiring Educators.

The following opportunities are available to members:

  • IEA Aspiring Educators Rebate Application – A $20 rebate (up to $80 total) is available for IEA Aspiring Educator members as they enter the profession and become professional members of the IEA in various school districts throughout the state.
  • IEA Aspiring Educator Scholarships – The IEA Aspiring Educator awards eight $1000 scholarships. The application process is relatively easy and the $1000 can be used for almost any educational need identified by the recipient.
  • Professional Publications – Members receive a variety of publications providing information for the preprofessional:
    • StudentSpeak
    • Advocate
    • NEA Today
    • Instructor Magazine (when you join online)
  • Haisman Student Award – This award is to honor a student who has worked on campus to promote local activities, achieved in studies and, promoted public education.
  • Professional Development Workshops – Local campus chapters are encouraged to plan and implement one to two campus workshops per year. The IEA Aspiring Educators Program can assist in the cost of local workshops as well as presenters for professional development.
  • CLASS Grants – IEA Aspiring Educators are encouraged to write grants to be implemented in area schools and communities. Grants may be written for up to $1000 to pay for materials for a project, transportation for students on a field trip, and other expenditures for implementing a service project. IEA Aspiring Educators received the largest number of grant awards from NEA this past school year and we would like to receive even more this year.
  • SOAR Grants – The SOAR Grants are available for larger projects and activities related to membership recruitment. Call the IEA Aspiring Educators Office if you have an idea and are interested in a SOAR Grant.
  • Mentoring Program – The IEA Aspiring Educators and the IEA-Retired Program have combined efforts to offer a mentoring program to students who are entering the field of education. This program offers students the opportunity to work with a retired teacher in a mentoring relationship.
  • Mini-Resumes – During the second semester, our office will ask students who are graduating to complete a mini-resume form. The information is then compiled and distributed to superintendents in the state of Illinois. Former IEA Aspiring Educator members have indicated that they have received numerous calls for possible teaching positions based on the information on the mini-resume form.
  • Liability Insurance – Each student member receives one million dollars in insurance liability.