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About Student IEA
Student IEA is a preprofessional organization of undergraduate and graduate students preparing for careers in education. As a member of the Student IEA, students are also a part of the larger Illinois Education Association, an educational professional organization representing over 130,000 members in the state.

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Join online for $22.00 plus local dues (if any) and receive, a FREE one-year subscription to Instructor magazine. Join now!

Campus Membership
Be a part of the growing and developing groups of preprofessionals on college and university campuses – join the IEA-NEA Student Program on your campus.

Student Chapter Websites
Find out what is going on at your local chapter.

Student IEA State Officer Team 2016-2017
The Student IEA State Officers are ready to answer your questions or give you assistance. These positions are elected each year at the spring student conference.

Contact Student IEA

Student IEA Director

Meredith S. Byers
Student IEA Director
Phone: (217)321-2312
Toll Free: (866)690-3876 x2312
Fax: (217)787-7080

Student IEA Assistant

Mary Pat Hellner
Student IEA Assistant
Phone: (217)321-2358
Toll Free: (866)690-3876 x2358
Fax (217)787-7080

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