Organizational Leadership

November 7, 2023
Organizational Leadership
All Members

Who will benefit?
This training is for anyone who either is or aspires to be in a leadership role.  This includes local presidents, building representatives, bargaining team members, local and region executive board members, ethnic minority and early career representatives as well as those who participate on or chair any committee.

Key Learnings
In this training we will examine the personal and organizational challenges of effective organizational leadership. Learn how to create a powerful organizational structure that motivate your members to action.  We will discuss the various roles of a leader as well as how to effectuate positive change.  We will learn how to identify and develop new leaders and the importance of developing essential relationships.  Lastly, we will discuss communication strategies and key leadership resources.

Sean Kerwin UniServ Director, Region 12 – Rushville
Sean is a second year UniServ Director who has experience as a teacher for 15 years, president and officer of a wall-to-wall local for 10 years, as well as the IEA Board of Directors and Committees.

Brad Lutes, UniServ Director, Region 43 – Palatine
Brad is a second year UniServ director who comes to Illinois following a 25-year career in WI as an educator and administrator. He has 10 years of experience as a local president and spent time on the WEAC and NEA Board of Directors.

Sean Kerwin and Brad Lutes
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