IEA UniServ Intern Program

The purpose of the IEA Internship program is to provide an opportunity for IEA members, Associate Staff, Administrative Assistants and Paraprofessionals interested in securing Professional Staff positions an opportunity to experience UniServ Professional Staff work. All active members of the IEA, Associate Staff, Administrative Assistants and Paraprofessionals will be eligible; however, the IEA is committed to an affirmative action program so we are actively seeking minorities, women,  and people of diverse backgrounds. The program functions in a manner similar to a student-teacher program in that he Intern will be assigned to a specific area, under the supervision of selected UniServ Director who will serve as a mentor to the Intern. It is not the intention of the Intern Program to replace staff positions. The program will be an on-the-job learning situation and as many learning opportunities as possible will be provided for selected IEA Interns.