Highly Qualified

Are You Highly Qualified?

The Illinois Education Association is committed to being the primary source of information on the topic of whether a teacher is “Highly Qualified,” as defined by the No Child Left Behind Act. That is why the IEA Elementary and Secondary Education Act/NCLB (ESEA) Workgroup has developed a plan for providing critical information to members and staff about HQ.

HOUSSE Requirements – Please Read

Teachers who have the sole (or primary) responsibility for teaching even one section of the above federal NCLB areas must demonstrate highly qualified status to teach that core content area(s) under NCLB. The listing below covers all such areas:

  • The Arts, Civics or Government, Economics, English, Foreign Language, Geography, History, Mathematics, Reading and Language Arts, and Science

Teachers who teach any federal NCLB area not listed above are not required to demonstrate highly qualified status. The following are examples of subject areas that do not require one to report highly qualified status:

  • Agriculture, Business/Accounting, Drivers Education, Family and Consumer Science, Industrial Arts, Physical Education, Special Education Resource, Technology, and Social Studies

If, for example, a teacher is teaching an agriculture course for which a student receives math credit, that teacher must be highly qualified in math.

More information on HOUSSE Memorandum



There is nothing more important for organizations such as ours than to help members meet their professional requirements so they can pursue their careers with a minimum of hassles. IEA is committed to making this new phase of No Child Left Behind as painless and confusion-free as possible. If you need additional information, please contact IEA Education Policy and Agency Relations Director Daryl Morrison using the form below.