Results Summary

In early 2016, the IEA’s Secretary-Treasurer Support Committee sponsored a survey of local membership contacts. There were more than 200 responses to this survey, and from this wealth of material we have created a list of “best practices” that is supported by detailed quotes from the survey respondents. This information should be useful to all membership contacts, from seasoned “veterans” to brand-new “rookies.” Local presidents may also find it beneficial to compare the “best practices” to their own locals’ processes.

2016 Survey: IEA Local Membership Contacts Summary of “Best Practices”
Entire document (40+ pages)


  1. Identifying new members
  2. Identifying members to be “dropped”
  3. Determining the reasons for member “drops”
  4. Leaves of absence
  5. Keeping the IEA roster up to date
  6. Identifying and processing “demographic changes”
  7. Making sure that all IEA-NEA dues are collected and transmitted
  8. Relationship with local IEA office
  9. Relationship with employer
  10. Identifying and processing members who belong to more than one IEA local association