Financial Presentations at SLA

The Secretary-Treasurer Support Committee presented six educational sessions at the 2015 Summer Leadership Academy. These were all well-received and we hope to do something similar in 2016.

Below are links to the presentation materials for these sessions. If you have questions about anything contained in the presentations, there is contact information listed along with each topic.

A couple of caveats:

  •  In many cases, there was information that was presented verbally and is therefore not contained in the PowerPoint slides.
  • Unlike fine wine, these materials do not always age well. The information presented was current as of July, 2015. As laws and regulations change and other developments occur, certain items can become out of date.

Treasurers: Larger/More Complex Locals
Dean Brown (; Rainy Kaplan (

Treasurers: Smaller/Less Complex Locals
Larry McBride ( ; Steve Campbell (

Membership Processing Considerations for Smaller Locals
Susan Morenz (

Region Treasurers
Barb Gilhaus (; Larry Roop (

New Local Treasurers
Gina West (

Treasurer Assessment Tool
Rainy Kaplan (see above)

Membership Processing Overview
Susan Morenz (see above); Gary Mielke (

Financial Considerations for Local Presidents and Region Chairs

Randy Welch (