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Fair Share

IEA Fair Share Handbook
This booklet has been prepared by the IEA-NEA Legal Services Department to help local associations first win fair share provisions in their negotiated agreements and then implement those provisions properly for this school year.

IEA-NEA New Fair Share Fee Payers List
Use this form to submit new fee payers for your local. It is not necessary to complete this form for fee payers that currently appear on your roster.

Notice to Employees Regarding Religious Dissent to Fair Share Fees
Under the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board Rules, a local is required to post this Notice advising fee payers of their rights to object as a religious dissenter 14 days prior to commencement of payroll deductions.

IEA-NEA Fair Share Local Information Sheet
Complete and mail this form to IEA Headquarters to ensure that we have the most current information on file for processing fair share objections.

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