Racial and Social Justice

Equity and Excellence in Education

The world is changing rapidly.  We’re approaching a time when there will be no single racial majority in the United States.  Are we ready?  Can we move beyond our perceived differences that divide us?  Can we tackle a system of patterns, conditions and barriers that hinder opportunity based on geography, group membership or gender?

We can. And we do.  Our commitment to equity and excellence in education requires the centering of cultural competence in all of our endeavors and utilizing a racial and social justice framework to support all students.

Educational professionals, regardless of background or identity, must bring both a cultural understanding and a deep self-awareness to their work.

We offer professional development, resources and support.

Join us. We’re Stronger United.

IEA Racial and Social Justice Workgroup

The goal of the workgroup is to provide support, resources, and training opportunities to further enhance IEA’s mission and commitment to excellence and equity in public education.


  • Ambor Cottrell
  • Camille Grant
  • Kathi Griffin
  • Matt Hanser
  • Sherri Jones
  • Al Llorens
  • Maria Palmeri
  • Sylvia Rios
  • Holly Survance


  • Ann Bachman-McIntosh
  • Beth Barton
  • Crystal Bush
  • Meredith Byers
  • Ambor Cottrell
  • Arlene Criglar
  • Raphael Daniels
  • Camille Grant


  • Deniece Hopkins
  • Cynthia Jubiter
  • Andrew Matthews
  • Julie Resh-Jelliff
  • Robin Twidwell
  • Sandy Wall
  • Robyn Washington
  • Cathy Wyzykowski

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