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Student Election Candidate Statements

Members of Student IEA 2020-2021 Executive Team

Dylan Toth, Chairperson

Hello, Illinois Aspiring Educators! My name is Dylan Toth and I am the incoming Chairperson of Student IEA! I am so eager to lead together as we improve educator quality, support our communities, and fight for social justice. 2020 has changed the way we teach and learn. Together, let’s take what we’ve learned from this experience and use it to abolish the systemic barriers and racist policies that oppress so many of our schools and learners. Even though we haven’t met them yet, we must keep learning and growing for our future students. See you at a Student IEA event soon!

Madison Tarrant, Vice Chairperson

I am a Junior at Illinois State University, majoring in Elementary Education. I have enjoyed the opportunities presented: meeting and receiving support from future, current, and retired educators to better my leadership skills to establish foundations in the classroom. The amazing opportunities through this organization is my reason to become a part of the Student Executive Board. 2020 as we know has been a year of uncertainties. I hope to bring creativity and zealousness to the executive board, as our main mission is to ensure that members get the best this association has to offer.

Roman Trejo, Chairperson Elect

Hello fellow Aspiring Educators, I am a Secondary Education Social Sciences major attending Saint Xavier University. I am interested in becoming a member of your Student IEA Executive team because of my dedication to serving the Aspiring Educators voice. Prior experience I hold is being the NEA Hispanic Caucus Student Director and a member of the NEA Aspiring Educators Advisory Committee where I learned how to become a more equitable leader for all in this program. I believe I am qualified to serve on this team because I truly have a passion to elevating all unique perspectives in our state.

Livi Swiech, Communications Coordinator

Hi everyone! I’m a rising sophomore at Illinois State University where I study Middle Level Teacher Education. I’m interested in being on the Student IEA executive team because I strongly believe in the importance of advocating for education. One of the most important aspects of being a teacher is advocating for your students, so why not start now? I also serve as the Vice President of ISU’s SEA chapter and as the Communications Director of College Democrats at Illinois State. I’m very excited to meet and work with other aspiring educators!

Alexandria Toay, NEA Director

I can’t believe this is my last year in Student IEA! I am so excited to work with you fellow future educators. As one of your state and national leaders, I promise to raise your voices in all levels of our Union. Don’t let the size of your chapter fool you, we really are just one big family anyways! If you have any questions, or would like to know how you can be involved in more leadership positions, feel free to reach out! We are #StrongerUnited!


Elizabeth Horvat, Community Engagement Coordinator

After my first advisory board meeting, I’ve never felt more excited to become an educator. Currently I’m a sophomore at UIUC and serve as the political action chair and president elect at our chapter. In addition to advisory board meetings, I volunteered at the Representative Assembly this year.

As a state leader, I am determined to continue expanding our Student IEA community while helping our local community. I will inform and encourage members to be active citizens through voting initiatives, clothing drives, and volunteering events.

Nicole Ruiz, Community Engagement Coordinator

Being a dedicated member of Student IEA since 2017, I started my journey at the College of Dupage as Philanthropist and President, and am currently planning to expand a chapter at Northern Illinois University where I am studying History Education. Since being a member, I have seen the resources in which we have access to in order to serve communities throughout Illinois, as well as the importance of remaining knowledgeable about social/racial justice issues & legislation. I’m asking that as fellow members, you join me in engaging with communities throughout our state and expanding our political and social activism.

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