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Your Legal Rights

IEA-NEA Guide to legal rights and responsibilities of education employees

The IEA-NEA Department of Legal Services provides the best in legal protection for educational employees across Illinois. Using IEA-NEA and NEA resources, the Legal Department’s nine attorneys, legal support staff and IEA-NEA retained law firms work closely with UniServ Directors and Association Representatives (ARs).

When it comes to your job-related legal rights and responsibilities, however, there is no substitute for a well-informed employee. The following Legal Guide summarizes some of the laws governing your employment. Costly, time-consuming legal action often can be avoided and potential legal action often can be resolved at the building level, if members and ARs know their rights and responsibilities. We hope this guide will help you deal effectively with your employer, avoid legal problems, recognize when legal issues occur, and learn about your rights and responsibilities.


Your Legal Rights (Full Document)

Content by Topic

  1. Right to Union Representation
  2. Sources of Educational Employee Rights
  3. Evaluation RIF Dismissal and Nonrenewal
  4. Leaves
  5. Compensation
  6. Resignations
  7. Personnel Files
  8. License Revocation and Suspension
  9. Employee Liability
  10. Open Meetings Act
  11. Pensions
  12. Child Abuse and Neglect
  13. Workers’ Compensation

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