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The purpose of CAPE (Committee to Combat Attacks on Public Education) is to provide IEA members and the public with truthful information and encourage them to refute myths often spread by the media and anti-public education entities. There are several areas where these myths are commonly spread, including the topics of:

  • Pensions for Illinois education employees;
  • Perceived benefits of voucher programs;
  • Overemphasis on standardized test scores used for evaluations;
  • Misconceptions about tenure;
  • Collective bargaining.

CAPE intends is to provide truthful information in a timely manner and will develop various outlets to disseminate this information. CAPE also will work to provide a way to take action collectively and individually against these attacks.

Unfortunately, too often media attacks on public education go unanswered. Individuals and special interest groups fuel the media to attack public education.

CAPE at the IEA RA


The CAPE Committee is continuing to sponsor #IEAhelpsout. All of our members are involved in their schools and their communities. When you have a group of members who do something special, please share it through social media with the hashtag #IEAhelpsout.

Download the IEA Helps Out Flier

The IEA invites you to snap a photo of a colleague doing something great. (Yes, selfies are encouraged!) Then post it on your social media using the hashtag #IEAHelpsOut.
The IEA will monitor the posts, put names of those featured in photos into a hopper, and conduct random drawings for cash prizes. The Association will also create a video
of the posts for sharing at the annual IEA Representative Assembly.

  • T-shirts made for all union members and they walked in the fall festival parade, handing out candy. Parents stood and applauded.
  • Community reading night.
  • Hosted a barbecue for parents so they could socialize with members outside of a conference situation or phone calls home.
  • One local sponsored a booth at a local 5K and had shirts made, a website, etc. One member also worked at the Halloween festival and street fair as a wizard, inviting all Ap and honors students to help out.
  • A spring theater production raising funds for scholarship for students who want to go into the education field.
  • Money raised for a marathon, half of which goes back to the school for the parents.
  • Sponsor restaurant nights at local restaurants.
  • After school tutoring and reading clubs, anything you are doing to build community.
  • One minute video each month featuring a member that’s shared on the school website.
  • An effort to honor community members who have died in combat, doing a volunteer activity and sharing it in memory of that soldier.
  • Reading program where all educators have read the book and they give it to each of the kids in the school to share at home and then host a family fun night at school to do something related to the book.


Looking for ways to defend yourself and public education when the need arises? Take a look at this “Top 10 Public Education Myths” brochure prepared by the CAPE Committee. Feel free to download it and keep it handy.

The CAPE committee website offers a whole host of tools, including tips on writing letters to the editor, news feeds on anti-public education entities, links to other CAPE social networking sites, etc. Don’t miss it!

The CAPE Committee facebook page.

The CAPE Committee twitter feed or find us at @CapeCommittee.

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