Naperville educators to hold a rally Monday after no agreement reached

NAPERVILLE – Today, the Naperville Unit Education Association (NUEA) held a mediation session with Naperville Community Unit School District 203 Board of Education (BOE). While movement occurred with respect to parental and family leave, the NUEA and BOE still remain distant on total compensation that addresses the additional increases in teachers’ responsibilities.

The following statement is attributable to NUEA President Dan Iverson:

“We felt we had a productive session today, discussing updated language with respect to parental and family leave. While some details need to be ironed out, we are encouraged by the healthy discussions with the district team.

We remain distant on the total compensation package. We encourage the board to offer a proposal that honors the increase to our members’ professional responsibilities included in the district’s offer. We feel that our costing model employs the most current data with respect to staffing and salary numbers of the district and is easily affordable by the district within current revenue streams. We encourage the district to review their costing model data, so we can bargain for an affordable and appropriate compensation package.  

We have our next mediation session scheduled for the morning of Aug. 17, and we look forward to reaching a settled agreement that invests in our students, honors our works, and supports our families.”  

NUEA members will rally Mon., Aug. 16 ahead of the scheduled District 203 board meeting. The rally will start at 5:45 p.m. at Naperville North High School (899 North Mill St. – Mill St. Parking Lot). Then, members will march to Washington Junior High School.

The NUEA represents 1,500 teachers in District 203, which serves 16,500 students. The NUEA started negotiations with the Naperville Community Unit School District 203 in January 2021. Since June 2021, the NUEA and District have been working with a mediator to resolve disagreements about compensation and family and parental leave. There is still no negotiated agreement between the NUEA and District 203.  


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