Can we brag for a minute?

Experts estimate about 2 million people will begin their careers in education over the course of the next 10 years.

NEA Today is featuring 30 current National Education Association members across the country, and several more in its online edition, who set a great example for those new educators to follow and Illinois has three of them.

  • Larry Joynt is a fifth grade teacher from Arlington Heights School District 25 and he is featured in the main article. “Building strong school, family, and community relationships is a building block for all the work I do,” says Larry Joynt. His statement is supported by his non-stop association involvement. Joynt is an active member of Region 43 Council; a participant on the SCORE Grant Advisory Committee and the Bylaws Committee for the Illinois Education Association (IEA); a volunteer for the IEA Student Program’s Outreach to Teach events; and a builder of a community garden where families meet and bond.

And, in the online version, two other members were featured.

  • Nicole Kurtovich is a fourth grade teacher at Plainfield Community Consolidated School District 202. As a child, she dreamed of being a teacher. To support this dream, while in college, she joined the IEA’s student chapter, which provided her with the professional development and leadership skills that would help her become a successful educator. Since college, Kurtovich has been an active member of the association, serving as chair of the Early Career Teachers Committee, a group that supports members in their first 10 years of teaching.
  • Lindsey Dickinson is an eighth grade math teacher with the McLean County Unit District #5. Building rep was the first stop on her union journey. Today, she is vice president of the Unit Five Education Association, where she’s a member of the state association’s Leadership Institute Committee. “I am union through and through,” she said. “I believe it is one of the most important aspects of public education because my working environment is my students’ learning environment.”

Congratulations to these members on being recognized for their hard work and dedication! IEA is so proud of you!