It has been my pleasure to serve as your IEA president for the past six years. The issues we have faced together have been complex and difficult — attacks on our pensions, on our funding, on our union, and on our respect as educators. There will continue to be attacks.

But, as I finish my term, I am proud that IEA has had some victories: We won the Supreme Court case that upheld our pensions; we passed a state budget that should help fund our schools, we’ve had many come to our defense in our right to be in a union, and more and more people applaud the work educators do every day.

Working for the right policies means we can help our students, as well as gain our rights as educators. But, to have good policies means electing the people who will stand up for these policies. I ask you to please engage with your legislators: talking to them about your role in education and your students’ needs, and then getting involved in recommendation meetings and elections.

We also have done some very good work — instituting the SCORE grant program to unite educators and community organizations to do service projects in more than 300 towns and cities across Illinois. And, we made a commitment to educate our members and school administrators about trauma-informed practices in hopes of getting tools into the hands of school employees to help students who need help the most.

I thank you for your support to our union and to me, personally.

Traveling all over the state, I know what dedicated, committed people you are and how much you care about your students and communities where you work.
Thank you for doing what you do – for the students, and for our union.

Please welcome and give support to your new leadership team, President Kathi Griffin, Vice President Al Llorens, and Secretary-Treasurer Tom Tully. I know they will do well and will need your continued commitment to keeping our IEA strong.

Cinda Klickna


  1. Cinda, from the first day in the teacher’s lounge at Southeast when you said to me, “we need to get you involved in the union”, you inspired me. I have always admired that even though you rose through the ranks of IEA, you never forgot where you came from and the people who believed in you. Thank you, Cinda.

  2. Congratulations on your retirement. Thank you for all you have done for public education not only in Illinois but for all of those you have helped and supported around the US! Remember there is a great place to relax here in Florida!

  3. Thank you Cinda for always working so hard and fighting for our teachers & children! Congratulations on your retirement & best wishes!

  4. Thank you Cinda, it was a pleasure being in IEA under your leadership, guidance and support. You will certainly be missed. Promise no calls because doors aren’t locked!!!!

  5. Thank you Cinda for all that you have done on behalf of every child/student, educator & support staff member in public education in Illinois!
    I know you will continue to be supportive & active behind the scenes to offer support to Kathi, Al & Tom….. it’s been your calling to “STAND UP FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION!”.
    We thank you!

  6. Thank you Cinda for always being there for us! You were a strong President and yes a Boss to be feared!!! Happy retirement!

  7. Thank you Cinda for all you have done for IEA students and teachers. Enjoy your retirement!

  8. The journey continues as we daily challenge ourselves to climb the peaks and walk through the valleys; but alone we were not and will not be because of leaders like you. Thank you!

  9. Thank you, Cinda. I have admired your leadership. You are always professional, especially when dealing with our state politicians. Enjoy your next endeavor!

  10. Thank you Cinda for being a strong leader and an inspiration. You are one of the reasons I have become a stronger voice in my local and as a new retiree have chosen to take on more expanded roles at the district and state levels. Thank you!

  11. Thank YOU, Cinda. It was an honor being on the Board of Directors and IPACE Executive Committee with you, as well as helping wherever you deemed U could be of assistance. I truly believe you set IEA on a correct and strong path. Welcome to the ranks of IEA-Retired!

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