Pension-cutting bills are awaiting votes in the Illinois House.

Please call 888-412-6570 and tell your state representative to oppose House Bills 4027 (Durkin-R) and 4045 (Currie-D), and Senate Bill 16 (Cullerton-D).


What do these bills do? Simply put, these pieces of legislation will cut your constitutionally-protected pension benefits. In more detail, these pieces of legislation would force current active teachers and employees in the Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) and the State Universities Retirement System (SURS) to choose between giving up their three percent compounded retirement cost of living adjustment (COLA) to allow for future salary increases to continue to be pensionable, or keeping their COLA in retirement while future salary increases would not be used to calculate their future pension annuity.

The IEA, along with the We Are One Illinois Coalition, are firmly opposed to these proposals and consider them to be unconstitutional.

In addition, each of these proposals include a TRS and SURS pension cost-shift. This provision will shift pension costs from the state onto suburban/downstate school districts and to universities and community colleges statewide. IEA is opposed to this idea because it will further erode educational opportunities for students by diverting local dollars away from classrooms.