Unity Dialogues participants
Pictured here are Unity Dialogues participants: Ezell Townes, Jae Brown, Latrell Townes, Gina Harris (teacher), Charrell Townes, Ted Lowenthal and Jalen Reese.

The Maywood Education Association and sponsoring teacher, NEA Director Gina Harris, have been awarded a $1,000 SCORE grant for their efforts in creating the Unity Dialogues project.  The Unity Dialogues utilize a process in which students and adults come together in a safe space and share their personal experiences of race, racism, community and unity.  The process focuses on respectful sharing and deep listening, with each participant taking turns in the conversation without interruption.  The dialogues foster positive communication that supports participants in understanding their own biases as well as others as they brainstorm and initiate actions to promote unity and community.