Four amendments to the IEA bylaws have been proposed for consideration at the 2017 IEA-RA at the Sheraton Grand Chicago on March 30-April 1. For more information and the exact language being proposed, please see the Proposed Bylaw Amendments on the Members Only website. You may also view the current copy of the IEA Bylaws, Resolutions and New Business.

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Contact a local RA delegate or your Region Chair or UniServ Director for more information.

Model Local Bylaws

When was the last time your local reviewed and updated your local bylaws? Do you know that the bylaws should be reviewed at least once every 5 years to make sure they are in compliance with IEA and NEA Bylaws? IEA has recently revised its Model Local Bylaws. Now is the perfect time to get a group of members together to review your bylaws so they can be revised and updated. To help you in this endeavor we have many resources available on the Members Only site, under Topics>Local Bylaws. We have 2 – 5 minute presentations on Local Bylaws – Overview and Local Bylaws – Revisions. In addition, we have a 50 minute recorded webinar on a Local Bylaws.

If you need assistance in updating your bylaws, you can contact Kristi Uzzo, the Chair of the IEA Bylaws and Resolutions Committee at Final copies of your local bylaws must be submitted to the IEA Executive Office, 100 E. Edwards Street, Springfield IL 62704 or send to