IEA President, Cinda Klickna


I want to thank every IEA member who took the time to call, send an email, share information on social media, or who participated in any other way in our battle over President Trump’s nominee for the US Department of Education, Betsy DeVos.

The millions of contacts from NEA members, including those from Illinois, to members of the US Senate, made an impact. Not only did we manage to get two Republican senators to take the bold step of opposing a new President’s nominee, those votes also forced Vice President Pence to do something none of his predecessors ever had to do; cast a Senate vote to break a tie over a cabinet appointment.

IEA is stronger because of the fight. We know thousands of our members actively participated in the fight over DeVos, many taking part for the first time in a pro-education action. We intend to do all we can to hold DeVos and Congress accountable for any proposed changes to education policy over the next four years.  These new activists will help ensure success.

Help educate Secretary DeVos

It was clear during the confirmation hearings that Betsy DeVos knows little about public education. Let’s do something about that.


  1. Pick one example of the great work you and your colleagues are doing in your district every day to help give every student a great school.
  2. Tell us what’s happening and where it’s happening.
  3. Post the information in the comment section below.

I will personally make sure that the information makes it to Secretary DeVos’ office.

Thanks again for the efforts you’ve already made and those to come.

When we stand together we succeed. When we are victorious, our students, public education and the American way of life win as well.