Join U46 bus drivers/assistants fight AGAINST privatization

IEA members are encouraged to show support for Elgin Unit District 46 bus drivers and assistants by attending a rally followed immediately by the U 46 school board meeting at the district office.

The rally at 355 E Chicago St, Elgin, begins at 6pm on Monday, February 6.

The drivers and assistants say the proposal to turn their jobs over to private companies runs counter to the goal of ensuring all students travel safely to and from school.

We’re not only connected to our students. Because we are employees of the district, we’re plugged-in with teachers, paraeducators, administrators and the parents—everybody in the school community. That means, together, we can all work to help every student be successful.

Most of us live in the district. We know the kids’ names, and we know all the local routes in our community because we’ve driven them for years. Some of us have children and even grandchildren in local schools. Members of the community trust us because they know us.

Privatization means replacing trained, reliable and dedicated local school bus drivers and assistants with people who have less experience and aren’t part of the school community. Plus, you lose quality control that’s important in making sure students have the kind of experience and service they deserve.

Show your support for these  hardworking education employees. The rally at 355 E Chicago St, Elgin, begins at 6pm on Monday, February 6 and will be immediately followed by a meeting of the U46 school board.

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