Sharon Henry along with Kathy Smith, California Casualty Field Marketing Manager; Robin Washington, UniServ Director; Rebecca Stumps, California Casualty Regional Manager; and Marya Yates Principal, Dr. Lisa Woods. (Posted by sfriday, Community Contributor) Community Contributor sfriday

When Sharon Henry stood in the gymnasium of Marya Yates Elementary School along with her principal, fellow teachers, students, and staff, she was in for a big surprise. Ms. Henry had no idea that everyone was there to celebrate her as she received a $2,500.00 Academic Award from California Casualty. The check was presented by Kathy Smith, the company’s Field Marketing Manager, and will be used towards purchasing learning tablets and setting up a listening room for her students.

Ms. Henry, who has been teaching for 17 years, teaches 4th grade English and provides assistance to students with learning disabilities said the award is a dream come true. I’m excited and so are my students,” she said. “The listening rooms mean I can actually have supplies to help kids excel emotionally and academically, which will help with their self- esteem.” Ms. Henry remarked that the award makes her feel special. “I’m not used to being recognized, I just do what needs to be done knowing that I’ve done the best for my students.”

Every dollar counts in the classroom. National surveys find that educators spend an average of $500 each year of their money for classroom supplies and materials. Recognizing the effect of tight school budgets, the California Casualty Academic Award was created in 2012 to help instructors purchase necessary items and fund projects. Ms. Henry is the 12th recipient of the Academic Award since the beginning of the program and the only recipient this year.

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