WASHINGTON, DC (July 21, 2016) — “We are looking forward to seeing the confidence of our struggling readers grow as they work through this program. We know that when students feel better about themselves as learners, their entire attitude changes,” said Julie McVey, a kindergarten through fifth grade educator at United West Elementary School in Monmouth, Illinois.

McVey and co-applicant, Alison Lafever, received a $5,000 Student Achievement Grant from the NEA Foundation to form small groups that will help struggling learners improve their reading skills. The project was funded because it reflects the leadership, passion, innovation, and sacrifice that educators bring to the classroom and our nation’s students every day.

Nationwide, the NEA Foundation announced that it is awarding grants to 42 educators across 21 states for a total of $141,000. These grants include both Learning & Leadership projects for professional development and Student Achievement projects for classroom enrichment.

The NEA Foundation, a public charity that strives to improve education across the country, awards its grants to educators three times a year. The next education grant deadline is October 15, 2016. More information is available in the Grants to Educators section of the NEA Foundation website.


The NEA Foundation is a public charity supported by contributions from educators’ dues, corporate sponsors, and others. The NEA Foundation supports student success by helping public school educators work with key partners to build strong systems of shared responsibility. Visit www.neafoundation.org for more information.