SPRINGFIELD – Illinois Working Together Campaign Director Jake Lewis released the
following statement regarding the announcement of a stopgap budget agreement:

“A stopgap budget agreement offers a few months of relief, but it’s important to
remember how we got here and why. Governor Rauner directly caused the budget
impasse by insisting on stripping the rights and driving down the wages of all working
people. He seems to think his enormous wealth gives him the right to bully anyone in
his path, and his wrong priorities have resulted in devastating cuts to families, seniors,
people with disabilities, and students. It may take years to recover from the damage
Governor Rauner has inflicted.

“The only way to finally move beyond a constant state of crisis is for Governor Rauner
to drop his extreme personal agenda once and for all.”

About Illinois Working Together
Illinois Working Together is a coalition defending all working families from anti-worker

Illinois Working Together believes that Governor Rauner’s wrong priorities seek
to harm hardworking families and communities throughout Illinois while protecting the

The Coalition’s goal is to stand up and fight back against the governor’s
political attacks and threats – and protect the vital services all Illinoisans rely on. It is
time to get Illinois working together.
For more information, visit www.illinoisworkingtogether.org